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Whoever said James Brown was the hardest working man in show business never met the men and women behind BarTV Sports. BarTV is a hybrid broadcaster that specialises in the production of high-quality, live streaming broadcasts of grassroots sport – which means on any given weekend, producers and operators are zipping across the country (and internationally) to cover an insane range of sports and live events. In 2018, oneandthree began to create a customised graphics engine for the Newcastle-based company – a layered, realtime, video, imaging and scoreboard system to allow local or remote “scoring” of games to overlay live streaming video.  

By 2019 the system had exploded into a unique partnership between our small web tech company and what is quickly becoming a broadcasting behemothUtilising cutting edge technologies including SignalR, ReactJS, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services, oneandthree have helped construct a comprehensive system that handles graphic overlays, stream server procurement, automatic scoring from data providers, instantaneous clip cutting for replays and social media, a coaching and analysis engine and custom workflows for a bustling media disruptor. 

oneandthree love nothing more than good sport and good data, and the opportunity to work with some old friends at BarTV Sports has been a dream come true. The two companies have pushed each other, and promoted each other’s growth and there is much still to come from this burgeoning partnership. 

See some of oneandthree’s scoreboard work on BarTV Sports’ Youtube page. 


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BarTV Sports