In a town where “institutions” tend to go broke or just leave, the legends at Moneypenny have become perhaps the last true Newcastle institution. Serving up incredible cocktails, delicious food and a welcoming vibe, this venue has gone the distance and become a much-loved gem on the harbour. 

The most important thing about working with Moneypenny is they make us look way cooler than we are. Their modern Asian motif makes creating beautiful printed works very easy, including large format menus and relaxed food photography. And who else would ask for the production of a “lucky cat” stamp?? 

When working with Moneypenny, oneandthree tried to capture the wonderful nature of the business – especially owner Paul’s great support of his staff, treating them like family, and his brutal takedowns of the rare (and ridiculous) negative TripAdvisor review. Drop in, order a sensational cocktail from the ever-changing menus and watch the tugboats loll on by. Yes please. 


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