The Alehouse Project

At oneandthree, we have been privileged to work with a wide range of clients – not-for-profit bodies performing incredible daily feats, educators and government clients changing the lives of young Australians, organisations experiencing rapid growth, some requiring custom technological solutions, and small businesses who we partner and nurture as we both develop, offering advice and expertise along the way. 

But ask any graphic designer what they want the most and the answer will be to be “let off the leash” – to create beautiful ideas that help a client in fun way, without (too many) demands and interruptions. In that regard, The Alehouse Project was a designer’s dream. Over the years The Alehouse Project in Brunswick developed into an award-winning venue with an emphasis on unique beer and friendly locals. The pub was helped – we hope – by some outstanding custom posters produced by oneandthree to promote the venue and their celebrated events. Alex at The Alehouse was always magnificent, with some of our favourite work created with the instructions “see what you can do”. We thank Alex for that trust. 


Brand Identity, Print & Signage

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The Alehouse Project